ACFAS next week!

ACFAS 8 mai – 12 mai à Montréal



We are gearing up for Congrès de ACFAS to be held next week at McGill campus, Montréal from Monday May 8th to Friday May 12th. Each day there will be talks on different topics, but all will be relevant to le francophonie. If you are interested in checking out any of the talks, go to the links from the congrès found here:

See you there!


Author: assistedCOMMUNICATIONassistee

I aim to improve the accessibility of communication for adults with communication difficulties, such as aphasia. I am currently doing so as a postdoctoral researcher with CRIR-McGill University and CRIUGM-Université de Montréal. In 2013, I received a PhD from the University of Ottawa specializing in Psycholinguistics. Since then, I've been teaching and researching the bilingual brain: from birth to breakdown. Je vise à améliorer l'accessibilité de la communication pour les adultes ayant des difficultés de communication (par exemple, l'aphasie). Je suis postdoctorante avec CRIR-McGill University et CRIUGM-Université de Montréal. En 2013, j'ai obtenu un doctorat de l'Université d'Ottawa spécialisée en psycholinguistique. Depuis, j'ai enseigné et recherché le cerveau bilingue de la naissance aux troubles acquis.

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