A resource to find Apps

For anyone looking to find an AAC app (augmentative and alternative communication application) to help themselves or someone else, here is a website that gives a short description of the app and includes the average price of the app itself which I think is quite useful. http://www.friendshipcircle.org/blog/2011/02/07/7-assistive-communication-apps-in-the-ipad-app-store/


Author: assistedCOMMUNICATIONassistee

I aim to improve the accessibility of communication for adults with communication difficulties, such as aphasia. I am currently doing so as a postdoctoral researcher with CRIR-McGill University and CRIUGM-Université de Montréal. In 2013, I received a PhD from the University of Ottawa specializing in Psycholinguistics. Since then, I've been teaching and researching the bilingual brain: from birth to breakdown. Je vise à améliorer l'accessibilité de la communication pour les adultes ayant des difficultés de communication (par exemple, l'aphasie). Je suis postdoctorante avec CRIR-McGill University et CRIUGM-Université de Montréal. En 2013, j'ai obtenu un doctorat de l'Université d'Ottawa spécialisée en psycholinguistique. Depuis, j'ai enseigné et recherché le cerveau bilingue de la naissance aux troubles acquis.

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